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dotNetRDF Project

The aim of the dotNetRDF Project is to create an Open Source .Net Library using the latest versions of the .Net Framework to provide a powerful and easy to use API for working with RDF. Our aim is to provide an effective way for working with reasonable amounts of RDF in .Net.

We provide support for various different backing Stores in the Library as well as an API which allows arbitrary Stores to be plugged into the library. Currently we support the following third party stores:
  • AllegroGraph
  • 4store
  • Fuseki
  • Sesame (any Sesame based store e.g. BigOWLIM)
  • SPARQL Graph Store HTTP Protocol for compliant stores
  • SPARQL Protocol for compliant stores
  • Stardog
  • Virtuoso

Official Website

Important - This CodePlex project serves only to make the project visible to CodePlex users, the project maintains an official website at

In particular you will not find the source code on CodePlex but on SourceForge instead.


Programmers API

You can Download dotNetRDF to just get the compiled library or you can Download dotNetRDF Source to get the full source. Or take a look at the subversion repository if you'd like to get the latest source code. These downloads are intended for developers and programmers, links to our Toolkit for general RDF users can be found further down the page.

dotNetRDF requires both the Microsoft.Net Framework 4.0/3.5 SP1 and the following 3rd party libraries:
  • JSON.Net available from Codeplex
  • HtmlAgilityPack from Codeplex
  • VDS.Common from BitBucket

The relevant libraries are included in the release packages so you should be able to use the library without needing to obtain these libraries yourself.

If you use NuGet to install our libraries the relevant dependencies will be automatically installed by NuGet.

Some of the plugin libraries have additional dependencies which are also packaged with those libraries

Note: The API is also usable with Mono 2.6+ (2.10 recommended), Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7

Toolkit for Users

Our Tools package of standalone tools can be obtained by going to Download dotNetRDF Toolkit for Windows.

This includes things like our Notepad replacement rdfEditor for editing RDF and SPARQL and Store Manager a GUI tool for working with various Triple Stores.


The Toolkit requires Windows and the .Net Framework 4.0

Windows 7/Server 2008 and higher will have this pre-installed, users of earlier versions may need to install it from Microsoft's Download site

Note: Most of the toolkit except for rdfEditor will also run on Mono 2.6+ (2.10 recommended) on Windows, Mac and *nix systems

More Information

If you're a developer who wants to use dotNetRDF then you should check out the following pages:

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